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Pierre-Marie Bernard is a French jewellery artist and guild craftsman. Designing and creating are a family tradition to him because his grandfather was a jeweller. Even as a small child, he was fascinated by jewels and jewellery. He was and is forever intrigued, if not entranced, by the design and quality of jewellery.

His fine tuned skills where obtained from the unique Art Crafts and Creative Trade School of the Jewellery Guild in Paris.
The Jewellery Guild of Paris and her various satellite training workshops are present around the highly respected Place Vendôme where he worked several years creating jewellery sold exclusively at the famous Place Vendôme in Paris.

As a highly creative jewellery artist and craftsman, the curves, swirls and fine elegant lines of jewellery vibrate for him like heart beats within his own soul. From delicate and feminine designs to more masculine space time curves, he masters the use of gold, silver and platinum along with precious and semi-precious stones.
Pierre-Marie Bernard initially worked exclusively for the greatest jewellery houses in the world. He has now opened a workshop - showroom to pursue his own creations. His workshop is located on a chic street of Paris : number 7 rue Saint-Roch.75001 Paris near the Place Vendôme and the Jardin des Tuileries of the Louvre Museum.

PMB not only invests himself totally but more importantly actually lives and breathes the life of his timeless creations as an artist in the jewellery trade. Outside of his workshop hours, he contributes actively to the future of his art by teaching on a regular basis in a highly specialized school of jewellery in France called BJO-Formation.

In addition, he chairs the National Federation of Guilds for Art Crafts, and Creative Trades (FNAMAC), a professional association which organizes the promotion of art and crafts guilds such as the French clock and jewellery trades.

As administrator of the Professional Committee of Development of the Clock industry, Jewellery & Goldsmithery (CPDHBJO), he presides at the “Best Creations” annual jury to recognize and give awards to new young professionals. PMB also presided over the board of examiners in the jewellery section of the annual national French finals at the turn of the century in the year 2000 for, "The best artist craftsmen of France".