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A jewel is with you, for you.

Pierre-Marie Bernard, jeweler, continues the tradition of tailored Parisian

At the heart of Paris, it is in my shop and workshop that I offer unique jewelry, fruits of my expertise and my imagination.

It is in this place that I make jewelry with you for you.

Come and see me,



Enter my workshop and showroom, my universe, where I create for you, together with you, your own personalized and unique jewellery. The jewellery of your dreams shall emerge by itself through the mutual sharing of our imaginations. By sharing our imaginations, we create a mutual bond of complicity between us. Your jewellery symbolizes your important moments throughout the voyage of life : getting engaged, a birth, an anniversary, a memory, achieving and accomplishing scholastically and or professionally, all your changes and evolutions in life.

Your personalized jewellery will perpetuate forever your most priceless memories and moments of happiness. Your personalized jewellery is created from the most perfect and beautiful stones and metals, those which you already possess or those which I can provide.

Gold is the metal of solar beauty and is the unalterable gift of the Gods.

Silver is the lunar metal and the younger brother of gold in the Universe.

Platinum is so avant garde and perfect. Only modern techniques allow us to work with it. These metals are carved, forged, welded, worked and engraved to capture and hold the glittering splendour of precious stones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
The diamond is the eternal stone.

A ruby is a drop of life giving blood.

Sapphires are a rainbow offering a variety of colours in heavenly hues.

An emerald is mysterious and deep, revealing its secrets only to the eye.

There are also beautiful semi-precious stones and all of different colours having different origins : tanzanite, tourmaline, amethyst, opal, jade, topaz, turquoise, quartz, etc.

Once your taste and preferences are known, your dreams of fine jewellery can be materialized in your presence. First, I will do a preliminary sketch then finalize a design on paper. I shall follow up with a study to estimate the necessary budget to convert your dream into a unique piece of jewellery just for you. The final design will be sent to you by surface mail or E-mail, respecting the shortest delay possible. According to the artistic design you select, I carry out a plastiline clay model where I model, out of clay, the exact form and volume of your piece of jewellery. I colour it according to the selected metal of your choice then precisely put into position on the clay model precious and / or semi-precious stones just for you they way you want your jewellery to look when finished.

This plastiline clay model will allow you to see beforehand an exact replica of your dream jewel in order to make any necessary modifications in advance. Hence, you can have a perfectly clear idea of what your future dream jewel will look like. The next step is my responsibility to create what you want. I saw, file, output the ingots, strike metal, and fit the various components of your dream to make it come true. I conceive and hand craft your dream by combining the most authentic methods of the centuries old French jewellery guild traditions combined with the advanced techniques of new technologies. Before the finishing touches of polishing, the artistic process of creating your dream now requires your presence to try on your future dream jewel, without stones, to see how it fits you. I want to be certain it is perfectly adjusted to fit you just the way you want it to be. The finishing touches of your dream are entrusted to my fellow French guild craftsmen.

The setter fixes elegantly and firmly the stones you hand picked into pre-determined positions.

The polisher allows the inner light of your dream jewel to glow forever as a symbol of the most precious memories and happiest moments of your journey through life. Your dream jewel has come true and is yours to keep and treasure for the rest of your life and to be passed on to future generations as a long term investment.

Need ideas ?

You don’t know which stone you want ? Please allow me to offer you my extensive knowledge about the distribution networks of precious and semi-precious stones and decorative stones. Decades of personal confidence established with reputable gem experts enables me to provide you, over a period of a couple days notice, a choice selection of high quality stones and gems matching your tastes, preferences and budget.

The safety and restoration of your jewellery

My expertise in old French jewellery guild traditional methods, techniques and styles is essential to undertake any and every restoration project regarding antique or family jewellery Therefore, please allow me to advise you about the practicality of such restoration projects which depends, of course, on the nature and quality of antique and family jewels you possess. If a restoration project of an antique or family jewel is possible I will not hesitate to do it for you. Yet at the same time, I may estimate it is not reasonable or appropriate or perhaps even not worth it. It all depends on the present and future values within your desired budget. I may advise you to repair to conserve the jewellery as an art object or inherited family keepsake rather than carry out major transformations or complete restoration.